Your Stay in Edgecomb Starts Here

As the Edgecomb Historical Society notes, “the best thing about Edgecomb is what it doesn’t have". There is an absence of the hustle and bustle accompanying trendy shops and high-tech attractions, and coincidentally a lack of fast-paced travelers seeking such man-made spectator adventures. What you WILL find when you search for vacation rentals in Edgecomb, Maine are quiet nights, vast woodlands, mesmerizing river views, friendly folks, and peace of mind. The rural village of about 20 square miles is home to less than 1,500 people.
Named for 1st Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, George Edgcumbe, Edgecomb is home to Fort Edgecomb, an official Maine State Historic Site. The fort was initially built to protect neighboring Wiscasset (which was once the most important shipping center north of Boston). Other historic sites on the national register include the Congregational Church, Stephen Parson House, and the John Moore House.
The town's storied history also boasts a long lineage in ship building, saw mills, brick yards, farming, ocean harvest, and mining operations. The converging Sheepscot, Damariscotta and Cross rivers feed valued resources while providing scenic views and waterside havens. Salt Marsh Cove on the Damariscotta River features a 12-acre parcel preserved by Boothbay Region Land Trust known as Colby Wildlife Preserve, where you'll find a looping trail of just over a half mile. For the most far-reaching views in Edgecomb, head to the area around the Deckhouse School where the horizon combines the river, Westport Island, and the peak of Mount Washington.

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