February 5 is Book Direct Day!

book direct

This year, Book Direct Day lies on February 5th, a Wednesday. Middle of the week, not a bad day to book your next vacation! That way when Friday arrives, you’ll be free to clean the house, or…

There are many advantages to booking directly with local vocation property management companies (VPMC). The list is long, but we have trimmed it down and provided you with a few things to keep in mind when considering how and where to book your next vacation.

Booking directly with a professional property manager allows you to speak with someone one who is familiar not only with the properties advertised on their company’s website, but that of the local attractions, weather and events. You’ll be able to ask questions and feel confident the answers are accurate; you’ll trust knowing what you see will in fact be what you get. Also, as your vacation date approaches, you’ll be able call or email with any additional questions knowing someone is available 24/7. 

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When you visit a VPMC website you’ll be eliminating the middleman (Online Travel Agencies, a.k.a OTAs) pretending to be your ‘friend’ on social media and will be provided the most comprehensive descriptions of their services and amenities, special offers, promotions and packages, upcoming events, nearby destinations, local activities and points of interest. Not to mention your email will not be sold to marketers. Some of these OTAs include Expedia, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, VRBO and they make their money by charging additional booking fees on top of what the vacation property management company charges. These additional fees can be expensive and almost impossible to decipher. Something else to consider when using at OTA, is having to pay for the entire cost of the stay at time of booking. The company managing the actual property doesn’t see the money until after your stay. If you book direct, in most cases, you pay a small deposit and then pay the balance at a much later date. Utilizing a VPMC website to guide your visit is the best way to make your stay memorable.

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One of the most common complaints customers have when using an OTA, is that the VPMC can’t find their reservation when they inquire with questions, or in some cases when they arrive! Maybe that’s even happened to you. If not, imagine how infuriating that would be!

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon for travelers who book their reservations through OTA sites. By booking on a third-party site, you’re not a customer of the VPMC, you’re a customer of the OTA. Sometimes, everything goes smoothly, and the OTA passes over all your information to the VPMC. But what if something gets lost? It happens. Far too often.

Avoid taking this risk by booking your stay directly on the VPMC’s own website. You’ll share your personal information and credit card details with them only, and you’ll be sure your reservation won’t get lost.

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Keeping all that in mind, when planning a trip to the Northeast be sure to check out NorthEastStays.com, a marketplace that allows you, the soon-to-be vacationer, to book directly with professional property managers and directly support the growth of our industry.  Most VPMC’s don’t list all their properties on listing sites, but on NorthEastStay.com you’ll find more choices to find that perfect home for your stay. It’s the most stress-free and affordable way to start planning your vacation! 

One…last...time… #bookdirect.